How to Save Electricity


Time to Save Energy ?

These days, everyone is familiar with the importance of money and wants to save on things like telephone bills, electricity bills, grocery bills, etc. It’s also important to note that every one of us also wants to save electricity, consequently saving energy bills. If you’re looking for tips and tricks to lower your monthly electricity costs, below are some of the best techniques you can use.

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Which is Better Solar or Wind Energy


Solar or Wind Energy ?

Both solar and wind energy are renewable energy sources which is better solar or wind energy :

Solar Energy good points :

  • no noise , silent energy , but wind energy is noisy .
  • do not need maintenance
  • can be scaled to any size needed Continue reading »
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DIY Water Turbine [Video]

here is great videos that explains how to make your own water turbine , the main idea that if you have a generator , that is connected to a fan when the water flows on the fans blades , the water kinetic energy will be converted electricity through the generator see the photo below : Continue reading »

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Concentrated Solar Power Basics


Concentrated solar power (CSP) is the process of collecting sunlight , using mirrors or lenses , the solar thermal energy collected used to heat water , then a water steam will be generated , and send to the steam turbines , to produce electricity .

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Largest Solar Power Plants in the World

here is a list of the largest solar power stations for 2013 :

Solar Energy Generating Systems

Solar Energy Generating Systems ,Califronia ,USA , CSP(concentrated Solar Panels) parabolic trough technology,capacity 354 MW

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Which is Better Vertical Axis or Horizontal Axis Wind Turbine

horzintal-vertical wind turbines

Vertical axis wind turbines (VAWT) are wind turbines that the rotating shaft mounted vertically relative to the ground level it makes 90 degrees angle withe the ground , the HorizontalĀ  axis wind turbines (HAWT) areĀ  wind turbines with the rotating shaft mounted parallel to the ground level ,it makes 0 angle with the ground , so what is the differences between the horizontal and vertical wind turbines ?

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