DIY Water Turbine [Video]

here is great videos that explains how to make your own water turbine , the main idea that if you have a generator , that is connected to a fan when the water flows on the fans blades , the water kinetic energy will be converted electricity through the generator see the photo below : Continue reading »

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Concentrated Solar Power Basics


Concentrated solar power (CSP) is the process of collecting sunlight , using mirrors or lenses , the solar thermal energy collected used to heat water , then a water steam will be generated , and send to the steam turbines , to produce electricity .

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Largest Solar Power Plants in the World

here is a list of the largest solar power stations for 2013 :

Solar Energy Generating Systems

Solar Energy Generating Systems ,Califronia ,USA , CSP(concentrated Solar Panels) parabolic trough technology,capacity 354 MW

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Which is Better Vertical Axis or Horizontal Axis Wind Turbine

horzintal-vertical wind turbines

Vertical axis wind turbines (VAWT) are wind turbines that the rotating shaft mounted vertically relative to the ground level it makes 90 degrees angle withe the ground , the HorizontalĀ  axis wind turbines (HAWT) areĀ  wind turbines with the rotating shaft mounted parallel to the ground level ,it makes 0 angle with the ground , so what is the differences between the horizontal and vertical wind turbines ?

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