Advanatages and Dis-advanatges Of Hydrpower Energy


Hydro-power is indirect solar power ,it is major contributor to the world energy , hydro-power provides sixth of the world output power each year,and hydro-power also provides about 90% of the electricity that is generated from renewable sources , hydro-power has high overall efficiency form 75-90%,hydro-power depends on the stored potential energy in the water .

positive points of hydro-power energy :

  • emission-free energy , no carbon oxides ,nitrogen oxides or sulfur oxides
  • hydro-power efficiency is high 70% or higher
  • dis-patchable energy source
  • cab be used for generating electricity ,water pumping and grain grinding
  • hydro-power can be scaled from many 100′s KW To 1000′s MW
  • low operating cost and do not need periodic maintenance
  • hydro-power plants has long life-time

negative points of the hydro-power energy:

  • involves impoundment of huge amounts of water , and loosing the marine life
  • variable output , depends on availability of rain and snow
  • affects fish migration
  • high initial costs

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