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DIY Water Turbine [Video]

here is great videos that explains how to make your own water turbine , the main idea that if you have a generator , that is connected to a fan when the water flows on the fans blades , the water kinetic energy will be converted electricity through the generator see the photo below :

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Types Of Hydro Turbines

there are many hydro turbine designs , each type has its own features and application , but the hydro turbines are categorized mainly in two categories which are:

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Best Renewable Energy Software 2013

here i will provide you with the best renewable energy software for 2013 : Homer Renewable Energy Software , is the best renewable energy simulation , optimization and sensitivity analysis software .

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The Biggest Hydro-power Plants in The world 2013

here is a list of the  world largest  hydro-power stations for 2013 records: 1.Three Gorges Dam ,China ,total capacity 22,500 MW

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How To Calculate the Output Power of Hydorpower Planet

Hydro power is very efficient its over all efficiency ranges from 75%-90% , the losses in hydro-power are due to : drag friction and  turbulent water flow . frictional and magnetic losses in the turbine and the generator.

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