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Which is Better Solar or Wind Energy

Solar or Wind Energy ? Both solar and wind energy are renewable energy sources which is better solar or wind energy : Solar Energy good points : no noise , silent energy , but wind energy is noisy . do not need maintenance can be scaled to any size needed

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Concentrated Solar Power Basics

Concentrated solar power (CSP) is the process of collecting sunlight , using mirrors or lenses , the solar thermal energy collected used to heat water , then a water steam will be generated , and send to the steam turbines , to produce electricity .

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Largest Solar Power Plants in the World

here is a list of the largest solar power stations for 2013 : Solar Energy Generating Systems ,Califronia ,USA , CSP(concentrated Solar Panels) parabolic trough technology,capacity 354 MW

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How To DIY Solar Panels

here is some great tips and a video that explains how to DIY solar panels ,first the required materials and tools are : solar cells 16 or more

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Solar Cells Basic Concepts

Solar PV systems are composed from the following elements : cells are the basic block of pv systems ,each cell produces about 1.5-3 Watts

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