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Which is Better Solar or Wind Energy

Solar or Wind Energy ? Both solar and wind energy are renewable energy sources which is better solar or wind energy : Solar Energy good points : no noise , silent energy , but wind energy is noisy . do not need maintenance can be scaled to any size needed

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Which is Better Vertical Axis or Horizontal Axis Wind Turbine

Vertical axis wind turbines (VAWT) are wind turbines that the rotating shaft mounted vertically relative to the ground level it makes 90 degrees angle withe the ground , the HorizontalĀ  axis wind turbines (HAWT) areĀ  wind turbines with the rotating shaft mounted parallel to the ground level ,it makes 0 angle with the ground , [...]

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The Largest Wind Farms in The World

here is a list of the largest capacity wind farms in the world: Alta Wind energy ceneter wind farm , california , usa , capacity 1020 MW

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Amazing Wind Turbines Designs

here is an amazing new technology wind turbines designs that is initiative designs , which can perform in a different manner from the traditional wind turbines: The Selsam SUPERTURBINE is a new design of the wind turbine , that can run at any shaft speed, no transmission needed ,light weight ,low maintenance costs

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How To Calculate The Output power From The Wind Turbine

there is a losses in the process of converting wind energy to electrical energy , the losses are due to the friction in the turbine-generator ,and frictional losses in the gear box , and losses due to the air flow , turbulence and drag.

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