Concentrated Solar Power Basics


Concentrated solar power (CSP) is the process of collecting sunlight , using mirrors or lenses , the solar thermal energy collected used to heat water , then a water steam will be generated , and send to the steam turbines , to produce electricity .

types of CSP :

Parabolic trough

Parabolic trough , it is parabola shaped , with fluid inside tubes lies in the concentrating line , then the heated fluid delivered to a steam turbine , to generate electricity.

dish Stirlings

dish Stirling ,it made of of parabolic dishes , which concentrates the sun light into single point , that captured by a receiver ,then converted to energy , either usingĀ  Stirling engine or may be steam turbine used , this method is the most efficient method over all the solar thermal energy collectors.

Compact linear Fresnel reflector

Compact linear Fresnel reflector (CLFR) , this method , uses long mirrors to focus sunlight onto a fixed absorber , then a fluid will be heated and transferred to steam turbine to generate electricity.

Solar power tower

Solar power tower or central tower ,this is using tower to receive the focused sunlight from the mirrors , the mirrors used will track the sun light,then the heat used to heat the fluid , then the heated fluid moved to a stem turbine to generate electricity .


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