renewable energy

Functions of DIY Green Renewable Energy

There are people in the world who are seeking independence from oil for energy consumption. Oil is expendable, can be foreign, is ultimately limited and shows up in the form of utility bills. That’s not all. Carbon emissions from industries are poisoning and damaging the atmosphere.

 If anyone knew about everything, would he use fuel dependent utilities? If he understands how to build his own solar cell, would he pay the electricity bills? Maybe not. Knowing how to build your own solar cell is like gaining independence from that spinning meter. And it’s green, that is, 100% environment friendly!
All the members of one type of solar cell produce the similar kind of voltage, regardless what size they are. Interesting huh? But size does matter when it comes to talking about amperes. Amperes are units of electrical current and they are slightly different from the concept of electrical voltage.
Larger cells make more amperes than smaller cells. Put differently, a person may get more current from solar cells that are larger than from those that are smaller. Now that you know something about how to build your own solar cell, you can roll up your sleeves and try it out. Making that meter spin backwards was never this much fun.

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