How To Calculate the Output Power of Hydorpower Planet


Hydro power is very efficient its over all efficiency ranges from 75%-90% , the losses in hydro-power are due to :

  • drag friction and  turbulent water flow .
  • frictional and magnetic losses in the turbine and the generator.

the efficiency of the hydro-power planet = the total electrical energy delivered from the generator/potential energy of the head of the water.

the output power of the power planet(Kw)=g*η*Q*h.

where g=the gravitational acceleration (9.81 m/s^2).

η= the efficiency of the turbine-generator 0<η<1.

Q: the volumetric flow rate of the water(m^3/s).

h:effective head(m).

example: assume we have a stream with effective head about 100m and flow rate of 10 m^3/s , assume the planet efficiency about 80% , how much is the output power ?

using the equation of power above the output-power =g*η*Q*h.

                                                                                  = 9.81x.83x10x100

                                                                                  = 8142.3 kw = 8.1423 Mw


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