Save the world with DIY green renewable energy


Fossil Fuels  that we are consuming every day ,the costs of them increase day by day. The only solution of saving on energy is DIY Green Renewable Energy. The DIY Green Renewable Energy uses the natural energy like solar or wind for the benefit of the consumer at a nominal cost.

There are many solar powered kilns, water heaters and room heaters which work effectively with no hazards at all. The minimum requirements for any such solar powered tools are only solar panels which are installed on the rooftop of your house. This is one time investment and about zero maintenance.
The wind based system works with a battery backup. With a very little investment and a bit of knowledge about electronic one can build up his own wind turbine, see the video down about how to make your own wind turbine. In Hydro based power saving energy you can produce enough electricity for a small cabin yourself only.
Here mostly water wheels and turbines are used to produce hydroelectricity. The upstream and downstream of any water body is very essential to understand before conducting any hydroelectricity project. The DIY Green Renewable Energy is a project which helps the consumer save money and to keep the Earth green without producing any pollution.

this video explains how to make your own wind turbine:

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