Tips DIY to Save Energy in Your Home

i want to give you some easy tips that you can do it in yourself to save energy in your house :


  1. replace the traditional lamps with energy-saving lights , the energy-saving lights reduced the energy costs about 50% or more.
  2. optimize and reduce the number of electrical equipments that you use , or at least use them less time than the usual.
  3. any electrical machine that turned off will consume power , so unplug any turned off machine channelĀ  .
  4. when using the washing machines , set the temperature at the lowest level , since heating the water consumes a lot power .
  5. when you want to buy any machine , look to the rated of power the machine , mainly it is sticker , with voltage , current and the power , if they did not write the power simply the rated power = the rated current(ampere) x rated voltage (Volt) , the lower power machines are the lower cost , and more saving.



6. if you have a south-facing window , try to use the day light , instead of the lighting .

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