Types Of Solar Photovoltaic Cells

solar cell

there are many types of solar cells depends on the manufacturing technology used to produce solar cells , the most important types are:

  1. thin film technology : made by depositing a very thin layers of photosensitive materials onto  a back made from low cost materials  , may be glass or plastic , there are four types of thin film cells , amorphous silicon , cadmium telluride , copper indium and mulch-junction cells  , the efficiency of the thin film cells is still low about 12% or less.
  2. concentrated solar cells : these cells operates with concentrated sunlight  , the concentrating solar collectors uses lens to focus the sunlight onto the solar cells, this method reduces the usage of pv materials while collecting a huge amount of sunlight, the concentrated solar cells efficiency up to 30%.
  3. flexible solar cells , the core element of these cells is the thin film cells but it is deposited in thin plastic to make it flexible , this type can be used for building to fit any place in your house.
  4. organic solar cells , this type is still under research and development and it uses fully organic materials , its efficiency is about 6% or less.

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